About Us

The idea was born from our will to extract from nature the best that it has to offer us.

Motivated by the purpose of contributing to a healthier and more sustainable planet, this is how our brand and our products are born.

An invitation to return to pure nature and to what it can offer us!

Além Oeste is more than a brand, it is a philosophy of full sharing with NATURE in its pure state.

Natural is good and Beautiful and Sustainable!

Our range of products is made exclusively from 100% natural ingredients, full of vitamins, moisturising, and antioxidant substances, which promote and stimulate the skin's natural functions. Since they contain no synthetic substances such as preservatives, artificial colourings or perfumes, natural cosmetics do not burden the body and are environmentally friendly and an eco-efficient choice.


Discover our wide range of natural cosmetics and get involved!

And witness their efficacy and sensation!

Portugal: Today and Forever!

Our brand and our products incorporate excellent national raw materials!

We clearly and effectively contribute to a more sustainable, healthy and beautiful PORTUGAL!

Our Offer

In recent years, natural cosmetics are increasingly in demand. Join this trend and experience the wonderful effects of natural substances on Your Skin and Your Health. Share with us the sensations of nature in a purer state.

Quality Tests

The quality of our products is derived from our commitment, the tests are done, the quality ingredients and the all-important PH check.

To finish the product has a curing period of up to 6 weeks to guarantee the most perfect cosmetics possible.

Cruelty free

With no animal or third-party testing our products are cruelty free. We test each product for months on end for the complete satisfaction of each customer.

Each one is different

Each cosmetic has been thought out for the differences of each hair and each skin being our bet and ambition.

Quality/price relation

Prices that are not excessive and take into account the quality of the handmade process and the excellence of the ingredients.

A solid product is equivalent to two commercial ones, and lasts much longer.